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AntiDystopia is a Role Player adventure currently in the earliest form of ideation. The primary game will be based in cyberpunk pulling from the card game Android Net Runner, the book Neuromancer and the movies The Matrix and Blade Runner. The players are a group of elite hackers brought together by their collective hate of the corporate overlords that have taken control of the human population. Although they are unite by common foe, they are also individually pitted against each other to get the best tech and amass the most power in a zero sum game.

For each adventure the gamers are given a task to complete pertaining to one or more corporation networks. The players jack-in to the individual networks to perform the tasks needed to accomplish whatever goal was set out in that scenario. The corporate networks are set in distinct genres and the adventurers will play archetypes of that genre to infiltrate the corporate tech and face the environment, puzzles, and heroes of that network.

Each adventure the player characters will be given a set of tech and skills that they can choose from based on the Network that they are penetrating. Scenarios could have distinct jack-in points. Experience and loot gained during adventuring sessions will only be kept if the player character successfully jacks out. Death in the game is not death to the Meta character, but all experience is forfeit.

Meta Game

The Meta Game set is set firmly in a near future that is familiar to modern day, a little closer to Blade Runner or Johnny Mnemonic. The network is everywhere, Everyone is at some level is jacked in. Characters met in the Network are as likely to be workers for the corporation as AIs.

Player Characters

Hacker Archetypes


  1. What is going to differentiate the Meta Characters from each other? They are all elite hackers, what skills would they have that are different? Do they need to be different if they are dramatically changed when they Jack-in? Are their distinct archetypes available in cyber punk to address this? Neo (Matrix), Hiro (Snow Crash) Characters from the movie Hackers?
  2. What is the motivation for them to be cooperative?
  3. What are the rewards that make it worth the hack? New Tech, Cred, Political ambition, Revenge
  4. What the the upgrade categories / skills?



  1. What tools do they have to hunt the Player Characters outside of the Network? Security Forces.
  2. How do they track Hackers? Could this be a timer?
  3. Do they ever aid in the hack of a rival corporation? Do they ever collaborate to get Hackers?


Government - Politicians /