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Our Story Begins

Our story begins at an inn, located near the Northernmost edge of the realms of men. Rumors have led a small group of adventures here, with the hope of finding the entrance to a long lost subterranean dungeon. A stolen map .... torn from the binding of an ancient sorcerer’s tome, is the only clue to the dungeon’s secret location. The map is in now in the possession of an untrustworthy rogue, who at this very moment is pushing ever further into the wilds of the frozen North. Snow has begun to fall once again, and the billowy smoke of the inn’s single chimney fades from view. The road will soon become impassable. The golden light cast from the window of the inn’s small window is all that remains visible, as the sun vanishes behind the mountains, and night begins to fall.

Our Story Continues

The Land of Eternal Frost

Character Creation Tools

Back Story

For a moment picture the classic fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien ... Forgotten Realms ... Greyhawk ... Waterdeep ... the traditional "high fantasy " settings of classic d&d campaigns. Picture a world rich in magic, a world where anything is possible. Imagine all of it as real ... the myriad of magical beings ... the fantastic legends ... all of it. Now picture all of THAT … as this world’s ancient history ... an age of eons past. Forgotten by most, it's memory saved by diligent priests and steadfast scholars. The knowledge of its existence passed down through folktale and superstition ... doubted by most. The way one might view the legends of Atlantis or Asgard today. Now imagine a great age of strife, one that followed this ancient time … one in which Religion and Magic fought for sole authority. Great wars were waged .... great magic unleashed ... the wrath of the Gods was exacted on men and magical creatures alike. The world was nearly destroyed. In the end it would be the "Divine" ones that would come to shape the future … and their followers would erase the legends of the past … creating a new world where mankind reigned supreme. Magic was banished ... systematically eradicated over several millennia. Its memory erased by the Priests of the living men... a new golden age of mankind had arrived. Magical beings … even magic itself faded … but was never lost. It remained hidden in places far from men … deep beneath the mountains … in darkened forests … in ancient labyrinthine tombs of long dead wizards. But now the glint of magic has been detected in the far wilds once again. News of magical beings has spread ... proud Elves move once again in the forests ... Dwarven lords emerge from deep within the earth ... Giants stride once again in the northern mountains. Prophets in the capital cities speak of the return of magic. Armies of men are forming in the south, led by fearful religious zealots. Tales of necromancy and creatures of the night are heard in the streets once again. ... and dungeons, long sealed and forgotten, lie open to those brave enough to enter them.